Sniffy has come to life

Sniffy sensors in action - Solent University

Today, our air quality monitor ‘Sniffy’ took its first breath…. as we held ours for a few seconds.

After months of development time, ‘Sniffy’ has finally come to life. Why is this big news? Well, for us it’s huge – with Sniffy we developed a new fully open-source air quality monitor. Open-source means, that we will make the drawings and code publically available to everyone. This helps reduce the cost and allows more people to work with us to develop the project which wouldn’t be commercially possible.

Sniffy is the tool to help make Air Watch a clean air revolution.

Sniffy and Air Watch were built on one idea – we believe that everyone has the right to know how good the quality of the air they breathe is. In order to do this, an affordable monitoring device was needed that can be easily used by anyone. ‘Sniffy’ is the tool to help make Air Watch a clean air revolution. With ‘Sniffy’, we can build a dense air monitoring network across Southampton to create an air pollution map across the city and identify sources of pollution. But this is nothing without support from individuals, as we are fully run by volunteers, so please get involved by going over to our sign up page to register your interest to host a sensor or help us with development. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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