Community Pollution Map pre-release trial

We’ve been developing an interactive map to collect as many views of where pollution is good and bad around Southampton as possible.

Could you test drive it for us?

Contributing a marker to the Community Map

We’ve been chatting to loads of people with good ideas of how they would improve air quality if they ran the city. This comes from knowing the areas they work and live in. To make these ideas more accessible, we’ve made an interactive map to contribute local knowledge of air pollution in seconds.

The map is around 90% complete in terms of features and we need 30 people to test it. You’ll be asked to answer a quick survey and contribute 10 points to the map. Your feedback will help to add features to the final version and make it easier to use.

To join the testing programme please click here and we’ll email the link when we have enough people on-board. We’ll delete your address after and won’t contact you for anything else unless you have given permission elsewhere.

The idea was from a physical map at our events over the summer, green dots are bad pollution and hearts show clean air.

The idea is to pool ideas which communities can support to improve air pollution. It’s anonymous so you can say what you really think. It’s a very important step to improve air quality. The map data will also help us show engagement with the community which we need to show funders for Sniffy sensors (they are still coming, it’s a mammoth task!).

Many thanks,

Josh – Solent Air Watch

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