Mapping our Air

Over the summer we asked people to contribute their knowledge and tell us where they think air quality is good (hearts) and bad (shown with green spots) to our map. We’ve been at Environmental Rock, Let’s Ride and National Clean Air Day.

The result was striking – you think Redbridge and the city centre are the worst areas. We had lots of discussions on how to tackle it but we’d like to be more systematic.

We’re launching an online version of our map in a few weeks. We’d like to hear where you think air is good and bad and how you’d fix the the problem if you ran the city. We’ll collect all the data and update you with a new post in a couple of months. We’ll be sharing all the ideas we get to facilitate discussions in the different communities around Southampton.

In the meantime, we’re looking for a participants to test the online map before the launch.

Our live air quality monitoring will also appear soon too (it’s been a little long in the tooth but our goal is scientifically validated data and unfortunately that takes time!).

The development time was paid by NESTA’s connected communities fund which supported for us 3 months.

Solent Air Watch

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