Our goal is to improve air quality in Southampton and the surrounding areas. We’ve set projects to cut the work into manageable chunks. If you have ideas for something a little different to what is listed, please get in touch.


Crowd Funding Video

We need a crowd funding video to help attract more funding. This would make an excellent student project.

Explainer Videos

We’d like to make a 3 minute video explaining every aspect of our work. Or vision is show how every part of the project works from the idea down to the last line of code. We need people who can make graphics, shoot video, edit and present.


Visualisation Development

We’re missing visualisations from our site at the moment. We’re looking for someone interested to create with D3.js and leaflet.js. There is a lot of data and it’s very slow to send it all to the browser.

Data Analysis

Our code for data analysis is in R, the visualisations in javascript and random bits in python too.

Sniffy – Revised Analogue circuit

The Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor is our biggest cost, the development boards we’re using are prohibitively expensive. We’re looking for an electronics engineer to develop a new board. We see this working as an excellent student project with an industry mentor.

Sniffy – Version 2

We need to reduce the cost involved with building Sniffy monitors. We looking for someone to redesign casing to be cheaper to build and easier to build and recycle. There are some interesting design challenges such as reducing plastic use and staying waterproof.

All our volunteer projects are flexible, we hope they will work just as well as a project for a group of friends, an individual or even a university project. If you see something you like just get in touch.

We’re always willing to give references to our volunteers. Anyway we can help, please just ask.